Installation, repairs and replacement of electric heat pump water heaters, In Hudson County, NJ

Electric heat pump systems are powered by electricity and work to intensify heat from intaking the surrounding air flow. The heat pump will then transfer the heat to a volume of water that is already stored in the tank, helping the water to get hot.

Due to different factors, the electric heat pump systems operate within the surrounding environment temperatures, it works better in hotter climates. During a hot season, the heater becomes three times more energy efficient than a regular traditional unit would.

Our water heaters technicians specialized in installing, repairing, and replacing electric water heaters in all sorts of units and living areas.

Keeping Up With Electric Heat Pump Water Heater Maintenance

If you want your water heater to function at its best, you have to clean the air filter regularly. Regular maintenance is very important if you don’t want your electric heat water heater to break down or have issues throughout the year. If you don’t know how water heaters function, contact us for support and any questions you may have.